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Convert html to xhtml using python

In python on November 3, 2010 at 10:28 pm

Converting html to xhtml is a boring task. Recently, I’ve been working on a small project that requires  xhtml input, precisely an html code where all open tags must have the corresponding close one. That leads me to the need to write a small program which takes as input a local html file or an address (ex: and gives as output the corresponding xhtml file. You can download it at:

Extract the download file. For running the program, type

./ url(local file or link) output_file

Note that, if url is not a file, it must have prefix like http:// or ftp://

The program is entirely coded in python, so is is portable. In windows, maybe you need to convoke the script manually by typing

python url(local file or link) output_file

You can also use the class html2xhtml as a small library in your program.

Of course, some program like the one at is by far complete and offers a lot more of functionality.