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What is Project Euler and why should we participate in?

In Project Euler on August 15, 2010 at 8:54 am

Leonhard Euler

Project Euler is a website that proposes a series of mathematical problems but usually need to be solved by a computer scientist. Some are quite easy and can be done by “brute force”, i.e. scanning all the possibilities without any “sieve”.
So why should we participate in? There are two main reasons for anyone, not necessarily in the domain of computer science or mathematics to attack some:

  • To see mathematical problems in a different way, maybe less beautiful than the pure one, but surely more practical.
  • To understand¬† how¬† a program works in a machine, be conscious of each Byte used in memory, etc.

Project Euler has been for me an interesting adventure: it has helped me to get out of FM(Football Manager) world when it seems hopeless and gave me a different point of view towards modern mathematicians.
My next posts will be concentrate on problems on Project Euler, their traps and their solutions.